Dirty Pretty Things name second album

Find out what the 'anthemic' new album will be called

Dirty Pretty Things have revealed that their second album will be called ‘This Is Where The Truth Begins’ – after one of the songs on the album.

The band had previously revealed to NME.COM that the song name was likely to be the album’s title, and guitarist Anthony Rossomonso confirmed the decision to XFM at the Shockwaves NME Awards on Thursday (February 28).

“We’ve got some big old fuckin’ songs on the record,” Rossomonso explained. “Carl [Barat, singer/guitarist] and I kinda went into the darkness with each other.

“We found a way out, climbing over each other until we crawled out of that whole proverbial hole and now we’ve got this record. It by far out-gleams the first one and it has so much more truth in it.”

The record is due to be released in June.