Dirty Pretty Things’ Carl Barat: ‘I was too idealistic’

Band give final interview after last gig to NME.COM

Dirty Pretty Things have told NME.COM of the regrets they have about their band, after Carl Barat and co. played their final gig last night (December 20) at the London Astoria 2 venue.

Barat said that he was too “idealistic” about the band, which he formed after The Libertines split in 2004, but also that he was looking forward to the future with his friendships with his bandmates intact.

The interview, along with a video message to fans, is available to read in full on the NME Office Blog now.

“I do have regrets,” Barat told NME.COM. “I have to refer you to Max Weber and functionalism – democracy can’t always work. I was a bit idealistic. I wanted a band of brothers and friends.

“We had that for a while. Occasionally things went awry. Our hearts were always in the same place. We were all very young in different ways. Yeah, I do have regrets, but I wouldn’t change anything. The day the expectation and the regimentation of the band died was the day we became friends again.”

Guitarist Anthony Rossomando agreed with the frontman, saying of the time the band rekindled their friendships, “It was like slicing out a cyst, or something. I don’t think we ever fitted in the suit [of being a regimented band].”

To read the full interview with Carl Barat and Anthony Rossomando head to the NME Office Blog now.