Dirty Pretty Things announce new album and single

Carl Barat and co's second album wil be out in June

Dirty Pretty Things will release their second album on June 30.

The album will be preceded by a new single, ‘Tired Of England’, on June 23.

The album was recorded in Los Angeles and London at the tail end of 2007. The band plus Nik Leman, Graeme Stewart and Ben Wood were on production duties.


Frontman Carl Barat had previously told NME.COM that the recording of the album was a tense time.

“We found a way out, climbing over each other until we crawled out of that whole proverbial hole and now we’ve got this record,” he said. “It by far out gleams the first one and it has so much more truth in it.”

The tracklisting of the new album will be:

‘Buzzards And Crows’

‘Hippy Son’

‘Plastic Hearts’


‘Tired Of England’

‘Come Closer’

‘Fault Lines’

‘Kicks Or Consumption’

‘Best Face’

‘Truth Begins’

‘Chinese Dogs’

‘The North’

‘Blood On My Shoes’