Carl Barat: ‘I’m happy to work with Pete’

A Libertines collaboration is on the cards

Carl Barat has revealed that he has not ruled out collaborating with ex-Libertines bandmate Pete Doherty.

The Dirty Pretty Things frontman told Xfm that a musical reunion is something that would be considered in the future.

Barat said: “We’re both doing very different things but at some point I’d be happy to work with Pete. Our relationship hasn’t really faded away.”

Meanwhile Barat also told the radio station that new Dirty Pretty Things material would be leaked on the internet before any official release to allow fans a glimpse of how the follow-up to 2006’s ‘Waterloo To Anywhere’ is sounding.

He said: “It’s not official, I haven’t told the record company actually. I should’ve thought about that. Everyone downloads anyway, so it doesn’t really make a difference.”

It also appears that Dirty Pretty Things‘ lack of festival dates for 2007 so far is not down to the band’s reluctance to perform.

“I’ll play any of them,” declared Barat.”But no one’s offered any yet. No one’s asked me.”