Dirty Pretty Things and The Enemy play prison gig

The bands go inside to raise awareness of male suicide...

Dirty Pretty Things and The Enemy performed this afternoon in Pentonville Prison, London in support of suicide prevention charity for young men. The two bands played in the chapel of the prison for inmates in the 180-capacity venue.

The two bands join a small group of artists including Johnny Cash, Billy Bragg and Metallica who have played within prison walls. Prior to the full gig, Dirty Pretty Things played a three song set in the atrium of the prison. The set was Bloody Thirsty Bastards, new song Come Closer and single Deadwood .

Singer Carl Barat was forthright in his support of the charity Wasted Youth : “There were 67 suicides last year in prison in Britain and already there has been 59 this year, we need to do our bit to fight the depressions and demons that young men face. Suicide is still the biggest killer of men under 35.”

Taking to the chapel stage with a yell of “Awright”, Dirty Pretty Things tore through a full 45 minute set comprised of:

Chinese Dogs

Gentry Cove


Doctors And Dealers


Come Closer

Blood Thirsty Bastards

You Fucking Love It

Plastic Hearts

The Enemy

Gin And Milk

Bang Bang You’re Dead

Before ‘Come Closer’ , guitarist Anthony Rossomando announced – to rousing cheers from the inmates: “It’s not about building prisons, it’s about rehabilitation.”

The band received a standing ovation from the band at the close of the set.

Meanwhile The Enemy played a 30 minute set supporting the cause, but also said they wanted to highlight Billy Bragg‘s campaign to get music and guitarist into prisons to help reduce reoffending among inmates.

They too received a standing ovation, playing the following set:

40 Days Away

From Here


Don’t Shed A Tear


Had Enough

It’s Not OK

You’re Not Alone

Pentonville Prison was where Barat ’s former Libertines’ bandmate Pete Doherty was held in remand in 2006 while charged with driving under the influence in December 2005.

Originally Babyshambles were invited to play but Deputy Governer Paul Baker said that that the idea had been dropped by the prison service.

On September the 8 there will be a follow up gig at London Camden’s Koko club to raise money for a suicide prevention phoneline. The line-up features The Rakes and Boy Kill Boy.