Carl Barat ‘I felt naked’ during Carling Weekend: Reading set

Plus The Automatic are joined by special guests

Dirty Pretty Things have made their first UK appearance with extra guitarist Josh Hubbard today (August 26) at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival.

Playing the main stage, the group were joined by the Paddington while frontman Carl Barat recovers from a broken collarbone he sustained recently in America.

Josh has been great, it’s been seamless,” Barat told NME.COM. “There might have being a bit of rivalry in the ranks but I don’t know about that. We’re so destroyed from this tour. We were hating each other last week, but we’re together now!”

With the set including the likes of ’Deadwood’, ’Bang, Bang You’re Dead’ and new single ’Wondering’, the singer admitted he felt strange playing to a festival crowd without his regular instrument.

“I felt a bit scared, a bit naked without a guitar, but enjoyed the spirit of it,” explained Barat. “Because I didn’t have a guitar I felt like an Irish dancer. My arms didn’t move, one is knackered and the other didn’t want to, but I moved might feet!”

The former Libertine confirmed however his arm was on the mend.

“I’ll be in the sling for two more weeks but then it will come off,” he said. “I played guitar at a couple of gigs recently and I really shouldn’t have, so I can’t play for a few more weeks.”

Earlier The Automatic were joined by some very special guests.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you’re in for a treat,” vocalist Rob Hawkins told the audience. “We’re going to get help from some Welsh boys.”

Goldie Lookin Chain then came onstage and joined the band for a version of Kanye West ’Gold Digger’.

The band then played a rousing version of ’Monster’ which had the crowd singing along to the refrain ’ What’s that coming over the hill/ Is that a monster? Is that a monster?’ long after the Welsh four piece had left the stage.

Perennial festival favourites The Futureheads played a set containing highlights from both their albums to date. The biggest crowd pleaser was undoubtedly the Kate Bush cover ‘Hounds Of Love’.

Speaking afterwards to NME.COM, guitarist Ross Millard said: “I really enyoyed it, even though we screwed up the first song. But no one seemed to notice or mind. But it was a really good show, we enjoyed it.”

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