Dirty Pretty Things line up special London show

It's in support of a new road safety campaign

Dirty Pretty Things are to play a special London gig in support of a new road safety campaign.

The band will perform at The Coronet on September 13 in support of Make Roads Safe, an international campaign calling for the G8 to take action on road traffic injuries, which kill more than 1.2 million people around the world, the majority in developing countries.

There will be 200 pairs of tickets given away free by the Make Roads Safe campaign and Dirty Pretty Things to fans in a prize draw. Go to dirtyprettythingsband.com for more details.

Dirty Pretty Things got behind the campaign after three teenage girls died in an accident driving home from one of the band’s gigs in Ipswich in July. Sisters Claire and Jennifer Stoddart and their friend Carla Took were all killed.

Asking fans to sign the Make Roads Safe online petition at majeroadssafe.org Carl Barat, lead singer of Dirty Pretty Things, said: “It is unbelievable that around the world a child is killed every three minutes on the road, yet almost nothing is being done to prevent this.

“The recent deaths in Suffolk of Claire, Jennifer and Carla were so sad, such a waste of young lives, and this is happening to families every day. This is why Dirty Pretty Things are supporting the Make Roads Safe campaign.”