They might sell even more albums in the US now...

Rising UK dance trio DIRTY VEGAS are set to tour the US with MOBY during July.

While still virtually unknown in the UK, the three-piece are selling truckloads of their self-titled debut album in the US, and several weeks ago entered the Billboard album chart at Number Seven on the back of sales of 64,000.

Speaking to NME.COM , member Ben Harris said: “We’re back in America in a couple of weeks for more promotion – we’re working our way east from west. Then we’re back over to play some dates with Moby . We start on July 16 with him going up the eastern seaboard then down the West Coast for eight to 10 days. So that’s pretty good.”


Harris said the band were still surprised at the speed and level of success.

“It just felt like the planets were aligned or something,” he said. “It’s really hard to describe what happened. We just tried to make music that was honest to ourselves. We weren’t trying to fit into any particular niche. And they’re just relating to it over here. We were gearing ourselves to come here and do the small clubs, but we’ve done it completely backwards in a way.”

Dirty Vegas only signed an album deal with Parlophone last May after the minor success of debut single ‘Days Go By’. It charted at 27 in the UK in May 2001. The trio’s world turned upside down when the song was picked up by Mitsubishi for a US car ad. It was then moved onto high rotation on MTV and on radio playlists and their success followed. The band played Jay Leno’s network show on the day the album charted.

“It’s unbelievable, to be honest,” Harris added. “We had been at home working on the album and getting everything geared up there to release it and its just taken off over here. To come from relatively nothing in the UK, to playing every single gig in here to packed crowds with them going nuts, is incredible.”

’Dirty Vegas’ will be released in the UK on August 5.