District Attorney says Meek Mill should get a new trial

The rapper is currently in prison after violating his probation

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office has said in court that Meek Mill should get a new trial.

The rapper is currently in prison for violating his probation related to gun and drug-related convictions in 2007. He was arrested for his involvement in a fight at St. Louis airport (the charges were later dropped), and for reckless driving in New York.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the DA’s office think the star’s convictions should be overturned so he can face a new trial because of questions surrounding the credibility of a police officer in the original case. Judge Genece Brinkley, who sentenced Mill to serve between two and four years in prison for violating his probation in November 2017, will still oversee the case.


Meek Mill new trial
Meek Mill

She has scheduled another hearing for June, but refused to hear bail arguments from Mill’s attorneys, according to the paper. Mill’s team has previously claimed bias and judicial misconduct against her, alleging she asked Mill to dedicate a Boyz II Men to her.

Nicki Minaj, who previously dated Mill, recently spoke about the rapper’s legal situation. During an appearance on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, she said: “I will say that the judge in question did everything I asked for her. So I can’t badmouth her because I met her personally, and I know what she said to us. And he knows that, and I know that.

“But I wouldn’t wish jail on anybody,” she added. “What made me shed tears the other day was seeing his mother cry… She, during the relationship, was always so sweet to me.”