DIY artist Emma Blackery reacts to album being featured during iPhone launch

She didn't know until it happened

The independent artist whose album was shown on the screen at the new iPhone launch has reacted to the exposure on Twitter.

Emma Blackery, a British singer-songwriter and YouTube creator, was given a surprise when she saw the cover art for her DIY EP being featured during a presentation at the Apple Event in Cupertino, California, on Tuesday night.

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The track, ‘Magnetised’, from the EP of the same name, was given the central position during a demonstration about Apple Music, flanked on either side by ‘No Data’ by Daye Jack and ‘Green Light’ by Lorde.

Responding to the news, Blackery said she was “FUCKING SHOOK” and “DIDNT KNOW THIS WOULD HAPPEN”.

Blackery already has a significant fanbase on YouTube with 1.4 million followers across all channels, but remains an independent artist. Following the event, she wrote on Twitter: “@ good record labels you wanna hang?”


Many wrote to Blackery on Twitter saying that the they’d become “instant fans” following the event.

Blackery thanked her new following, which includes Paris Hilton, after the presentation.