Dizzee Rascal denies slagging off his ‘hometown’ – Video

Rapper defends Bow and says he was misquoted

Dizzee Rascal has denied slagging off his ‘hometown’ of Bow, east London.

In a video interview with NME.COM, which you can watch on the right, the rapper stated that he was recently misquoted about the E3 area of London, where he grew up and still spends much of his time.

“I said something in The Sun and thelondonpaper took it up, about Bow being a hole and all that – whatever, everybody knows that for years I’ve represented Bow E3 that’s where I was raised,” he explained.

“I’m not gonna lie; I don’t always like everything about Bow and I don’t always like everyone in Bow and they don’t always like me but on the whole I love where I come from. I’m proud of where I come from and I’m proud to represent that area.”

Also in the video Dizzee Rascal gave a sneak peak into his studio, which features a Flava Flav clock, his Stratocaster guitar and a pair of early prototypes of his Nike Air Max 95 shoes.