Dizzee Rascal gives update on ‘loud, rap-based’ new album

The rapper said he is three quarters done with the record

Dizzee Rascal has given an update on his new album.

The as-yet-untitled record will be his first full-length release since 2013’s ‘The Fifth‘.

Speaking to Anna Lunoe for Beats 1 backstage at California’s HARD festival last weekend (July 30-31), the rapper said: “The album’s gonna be very loud. I’m really happy about how it’s been going. I thought I was halfway, but it’s looking like three-quarters now.”

He also suggested that, musically, the album might surprise people. “It’s a real rap-based album at the moment, there ain’t really no dance music on there,” he explained.

“It’s one of them ones where you can actually sit comfortably with people and watch them enjoy it and be surprised by it because I don’t think people really know what to expect.”

Dizzee Rascal also revealed that he had been working on tracks with Salva, Valentino Khan and Dan Farber. “This album’s doing it,” he added. “I’ve got some fire, man.”

Last month, Dizzee and and Calvin Harris released their collaborative track ‘Hype’ – the pair’s first song together since Dizzee featured on ‘Here 2 China’ from Harris’ 2012 album ‘18 Months‘.

Appearing on the Capital London Breakfast Show on the same day (June 24), Dizzee Rascal opened up about the pair’s relationship and what it’s actually like to work with the producer.

When asked who’s featuring who, Dizzee replied: “We opted for a collaboration. Straight, me and him. Which at this point where he is in his life, and career, is a blessing.”