Dizzee Rascal says Calvin Harris collaboration is “a blessing”

Dizzee explains what it's really like to work with the producer

On Friday (June 24), Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris released their collaborative track ‘Hype’ – the pair’s first song together since Dizzee featured on Here 2 China from Harris’ 2012 album ’18 Months’.

Appearing on the Capital London Breakfast Show on the same day (June 24), Dizzee Rascal opened up about the pair’s relationship and what it’s actually like to work with the producer.

When asked who’s featuring who, Dizzee replied: “We opted for a collaboration. Straight, me and him. Which at this point where he is in his life, and career, is a blessing.”


Dizzee went on to explain what it’s like working with Harris. “It’s been 7 years, but ‘Dance Wiv Me’ and ‘Holiday’ are the tracks we did together and we never recorded those in a studio together. So this is the first track where we have sat together in the studio.”

The artist also revealed that Harris goes to the gym every day, stating that “everyday is leg day” for him. “Protein bars, everything,” he laughed.

When asked if he shares the same enthusiasm for working out, Dizzee replied, “I do. But I try not to think of it as leg day. I just go to the gym and get told what to do.” Dizzee also discussed the Euros, giving the advice “big up England. If you cant handle Iceland…” to the England team.