Dizzee Rascal: ‘There’s a real gun culture in the UK’

Grime star discusses growing up in east London

Dizzee Rascal has described growing up in east London in a new interview, claiming that “there’s a real gun culture in the UK”.

The grime star spoke to America’s Vlad TV, discussing what it was like to be raised in the area of Bow, as well as the situation today and the differences between the UK and US.

“There’s a real gun culture in the UK, for those who don’t know,” Dizzee says. “It’s very real. It’s not as gun crazy there [UK] though… It’s looked down upon, it’s shunned.”

“You’re more likely to get stabbed in England. Some people look down on that or think that’s a joke,” he adds. “Would you rather be stabbed or shot? Either way, you might die. [Neither] of them are nice.”

Reflecting on his own involvement with gangs, which he says he doesn’t “want to paint it like it was super crazy”, Dizzee attributes it to “boredom” and naivety. “I was never big on selling drugs, I sold a little bit of weed but not enough to call me a drug dealer,” he added.

Watch the full interview with Dizzee Rascal below.

Dizzee Rascal recently confirmed that he will play his debut album ‘Boy In Da Corner’ in full in New York later this year.

The grime classic was first released in 2003 and features the singles ‘I Luv U’ and ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’. Dizzee Rascal will play the album in full on May 6 as part of the RBMA New York Festival, which takes place between April 29 and May 22.

Dizzee Rascal released his most recent album ‘The Fifth’ in 2013.