Dizzee Rascal to perform ‘Boy In Da Corner’ album in full

Grime MC will revisit 2003 debut in New York in May

Dizzee Rascal will play his debut album ‘Boy In Da Corner’ in full in New York later this year.

The grime classic was first released in 2003 and features the singles ‘I Luv U’ and ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’. Dizzee Rascal will play the album in full on May 6 as part of the RBMA New York Festival, which takes place between April 29 and May 22.

In addition to Dizzee Rascal doing ‘Boy in Da Corner in its entirety for the first time, RBMA New York will also see an event featuring hip-hop producers Metro Boomin, Zaytoven and Sonny Digital and two live shows by ANOHNI featuring Oneohtrix Point Never.

See the full line-up here.

Dizzee Rascal released his most recent album ‘The Fifth’ in 2013. Speaking last year, the MC spoke about grime’s recent renaissance and criticised Kanye West‘s Brit Awards homage to the genre.

“I’m not taking anything away from anyone,” he said in December. “What Skepta has done has been great, it’s been good to see him and his brother [JME] come back so strong. I respect that family unit. But everything people are seeing now: I already did it on my own. People talk about the pop part – they don’t talk about me being an independent artist. I made it look easy, that’s the problem! I dominated the underground and then I dominated the overground, and I did that on my own.”

Despite grime’s comeback, the star said he’s not interested in retreading old ground: “I still love grime. I just haven’t sat in the studio and made beats for a long time. I’ve tried, but it didn’t feel right. It’s like wearing the same clothes you did ten years ago. Do you wanna do that?”