Dizzee Rascal discusses his musical hiatus

Rapper reveals he was drained after gruelling schedule

An exhausted Dizzee Rascal has revealed he’s taking a break from music and is now looking forward to having children.

The Mercury Award winning rapper told the Evening Standard that he felt “the fun had gone out” of his music career.

He said: “Musically I could have just carried on, but mentally and physically I was drained. I’d have kids now if I knew I didn’t have to make an album or was just about to step into a bigger phase in my career. I’ll wait a couple of years, but I’d like to have lots of kids.”

Dizzee has released hit singles every year since 2007, chalking up four Number One singles. “I had just been going hard for like 10 years. It was non-stop. Since taking a break I’ve been going on loads of holidays, I’ve been going back and forth to Miami and just enjoying myself and trying to live, and doing my little side things like photography and fishing which are good for me.”


Dizzee, who is thought to be single, is still planning to go back to making music and is set to start work on his fifth album later this year.

The rapper managed to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons this week after being escorted from a British Airways plane for allegedly ‘abusing’ a flight attendant.