Dizzee Rascal clashes with Piers Morgan during heated Black Lives Matter discussion: “You’re not going to do this to me”

"This is what happens, I become the aggressive Black man"

Dizzee Rascal has criticised Piers Morgan during an interview on Good Morning Britain after he repeatedly pushed him to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The rapper appeared on the ITV show this morning (June 23) to discuss his new series of drive-in gigs which are set to take place this summer.

But when Morgan asked Dizzee what the Black Lives Matter movement means, he replied: “What makes you think I know?” Piers replied, “I don’t know, because you’re a Black man,” prompting Dizzee to respond: “But am I the Black spokesperson?” The rapper went on to say he had “a bunch of views, but it’s early”.


“Today we’re talking about the drive-in, and I hope this isn’t a missed opportunity to speak up on a lot of the badness that’s been happening, but it’s really nice and sunny out today, and I can’t really be bothered to go into all of this this morning,” Dizzee explained.

“I’ve brought my afro out, I’m looking a bit natural and that, so maybe that’s why you’re asking the question, but not today.”

“Come on, Dizzee, that’s not why I’m asking you the question,” Piers said. “You’re a high-profile Black man in this country and it’s a huge issue, and has been a huge news story for the past four weeks.”

After Dizzee said “you’re not going to do this to me mate”, Piers claimed it was an “aggressive answer to a simple question.”

“This is what happens, I become the aggressive Black man. I told you!” Dizzee Rascal countered.


“I just wanted to be nice, and look how he’s behaving! You know who you need on here – Akala. We’re not going to fall out, but that’s the spokesman for something sensible.”

Dizzee’s shows this summer will see him performing  across 12 venues in the UK, to fans who will be provided with a private individual viewing zone next to their cars.