DJ closes Glastonbury 2017 with techno remix of Jeremy Corbyn speech

'The best Glastonbury moment I've ever had'

One DJ at Glastonbury stunned fans by playing a techno remix of a Jeremy Corbyn speech in the closing hours of the festival. Check it out below.

For those lucky enough to be at Genosys in Block 9 on the closing Sunday of Glastonbury, as the festival drew to a close in the waking hours of 4am, a DJ dropped an epic techno remix of the Labour leader addressing a crowd.

As Crack notes, his words come from a speech he made in Birmingham – climaxing with the line: “There’s a human warmth in all of us, there’s a sense of community in all of us, there’s a sense of creativity and caring in all of us.”

Check it out below, along with the best reactions from Twitter crowning it as ‘the best Glastonbury moment they’ve ever had’.

Meanwhile, the Labour leader himself received what many have called a ‘rockstar welcome’ when he arrived at Worthy Farm on Saturday, before making a number of appearances across the site – including a powerful speech on the Pyramid Stage to one of the biggest crowds that Glastonbury has ever seen.

Speaking to NME at Glastonbury, Corbyn hit out against Theresa May’s infamous love of running through fields of wheat.

“I grew up in the countryside in Wiltshire and then later in Shropshire,” he said. “I was taught from a very, very early age you walk round the edge of a cropped field. You don’t walk through a field of wheat because it will damage the wheat.”

He then hit out at people who have or would run through fields of wheat. “I’m totally shocked that anyone would run through a wheat field and damage wheat,” he said. “It’s a terrible thing to do.”