Morillo's Subliminal label and Emerson's Underwater Records will link up every Wednesday at Pacha...

ERICK MORILLO’s SUBLIMINAL label and DARREN EMERSON’s UNDERWATER RECORDS have teamed up to host Wednesday nights at PACHA in IBIZA, NME.COM can reveal.

Beginning on June 27, Subliminal Sessions Meets Underwater will take place every Wednesday at Pacha in Ibiza Town with resident DJs Erick Morillo and Darren Emerson.

“Since the first time I went to Ibiza and saw the energy that it generated, doing a night of my own had been something I’d always dreamed of,” said Morillo. “After the record numbers we achieved it seemed natural to move onto our own night at Pacha – which is without doubt my favourite venue on the island. As for Darren, well, he’s someone I’ve admired for some time. After seeing him perform at festivals and at my parties in New York, it seemed like a great marriage, because he knows how to party like I do. The fact that doing this on my own means I can work with DJs who play different sounds is what is exciting for me – and it’s really representational of where we’re at right now.”

“It’s going to be an absolute free-for-all with DJs I admire and maybe would not usually get to play with,” added Emerson. “I think the blend of what I do and what Subliminal does reflects how much house music really is blending together now, with American DJs and UK DJs having more and more records in common in their sets.”

The opening party on June 27 features Emerson and Morillo with further guests to be confirmed, while the residency continues every Wednesday until the closing party on September 12th.

Full DJ details will be exclusively revealed on [url=] next Friday (March 9).