His label released 'Kernkraft 400' - but it's success was "an accident"...

DJ HELL has slammed the success of ZOMBIE NATION’s summer anthem ‘KERNKRAFT 400’ in an exclusive interview with MUZIK.

‘Kernkraft 400’ first appeared last year on Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo’s label before it was picked up by the Ministry Of Sound’s ‘Data’ label for wider release.

“I feel sick about it,” admitted the Munich based DJ and producer. “The whole thing was a big accident. We never thought it would be picked up by the trance scene – for us, it was just a great ’80s-influenced electro-record.”

Furthermore, the track’s popularity unnerved Zombie Nation member Mooner to such an extent that he left the band.

“First this Italian guy ripped it off and did a bootleg with this stupid ‘Chant Mix’,” continued Hell. “I listened to it once and said ‘I will never give you the rights to this version’. But the Italians made a lot of money and pushed it to the American market. So then Strictly Rhythm did a white label cover version and called it ‘Zombie Station’. And in Germany there were about 30 different covers of the song. We were even going to do a special party and just play these rip-offs”

DJ Hell’s mix ‘Fuse Presents Hell’ is out now on Music Man.

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