DJ Khaled ‘scared shitless’ after getting lost at sea on a jet ski: ‘water turns black at night’

Producer documented the entire incident on Snapchat earlier this week

Rap producer DJ Khaled has recalled the trauma of being lost at sea after getting stranded off the Miami coast on his jet ski earlier this week.

On Monday (December 14), Khaled – known for his work with Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and more – was on his way home from Rick Ross’ house on Miami Bay when the sun went down and Khaled lost his way. He liveblogged the entire thing on Snapchat.

Unable to find his way home, Khaled turned to the social network to inform fans of his situation. Speaking to Tech Insider, Khaled explained: “When I was on the jet ski, I documented it because I was scared shitless. I felt like if my battery gonna go down, somebody gonna call somebody.”


The producer finally made it home unharmed, but has nonetheless urged others to learn from his mistake.


“Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that it’s almost impossible to drive a jet ski at night time unless you’re in a city with lights lit up so you can navigate. Besides being pitch black, that water turn black at night,” he continued. “Listen, I don’t recommend it.”

Khaled also discussed the power of Snapchat and other social media platforms in connecting artists with fans.

“People who didn’t know me know me more. If you ever had mixed emotions about me, it’s changed… I’m glad people love the positive energy. I’m just being me. It’s all DJ Khaled being Khaled.”

Watch DJ Khaled’s full jet ski adventure below.