DJ Khaled explains chaotic US festival set

The mega-producer was besieged with what appeared to be technical difficulties at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas last weekend

DJ Khaled has had his say on his disastrous set at the US festival Electric Daisy Carnival, which made headlines earlier this week.

The mega-producer, who is set to release his tenth studio album ‘Grateful’ on Friday (June 23), was one of the top billed performers at the Las Vegas festival on Sunday (June 18).

However, his set was seemingly besieged with sound problems from the off, and he was eventually booed off stage after being cut off by festival organisers. Khaled later blamed “they” for the problems, but fellow DJ Deadmau5 mocked Khaled’s excuse of ‘sabotage’ in the days following.

Khaled has now had the chance to give his take on the chaotic EDC set. Speaking to LA station Power 106, the DJ said that he’d been on time for his set and was excited to perform.

“I actually sat backstage for an hour, just sitting there in a chair like this, and you can see on my Snapchat I was there way early, excited to perform,” Khaled said. “When I got backstage to the part where it’s time to perform… they didn’t have my turntables. How am I supposed to DJ without my turntables? I use turntables, vinyl, Serrato, I use turntables, they didn’t have them. No problem, just get it hooked up.”

Khaled then went on to explain that EDC apparently didn’t let him soundcheck before his set (although no other artist had that luxury), and that, once the technical issues had seemingly been resolved, an EDC crew member told him that he only had 10-15 minutes left to perform.

But, rather than cancel the set, Khaled said he pressed on with the show. “Another artist would have been like, ‘Yo, I’m not performing, because it’s not right.’ And to be honest with you, I should have [done] that and put a message out to the fans saying it’s out of my control,” he said.

“But instead, I heard the fans chanting my name, showing me love. I was like, ‘Cool, I’m going to go out, at least let me go out in front of the stage, talk to the fans and perform some songs.'”

Khaled reiterated that he didn’t blame EDC for the chaotic appearance. “If the sound don’t work, I can’t control that, and I don’t even want to blame EDC because I’m a good person, stuff happens.

“Was I frustrated about it not sounding good? Of course I was, but at the end of the day, life goes on, it’s not a big deal. At least the people see me there, and I’m telling you the truth. But I like when people are honest, and whoever put the messaging out saying I wasn’t there, that’s dishonesty.”