DJ Plugsy: Neil Buchanan ‘unmasking reveal’ proves to be hoax

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A widely-spread rumour revealing the true identity of masked EDM artist DJ Plugsy to be 1990s kids TV godhead Neil Buchanan has been confirmed to be a hoax.

In the absence of a comment from Buchanan’s camp, the amateur cyber-sleuths on Reddit’s r/Plugsy thread have deduced that Buchanan’s biometric proportions do not match those of the controversial DJ, nor does Plugsy’s speaking voice match the audio profile of the former Art Attack presenter. In fact, a huge dossier of evidence has been compiled debunking the notion that Plugsy and Buchanan are one and the same.


Buchanan is likely tiring of such hoaxes, having recently had to respond to the story that he is the secret identity of street artist Banksy.

Speculation on social media about Banksy’s real identity gained traction after Twitter user @ScouseMan_ pointed out that Buchanan is a musician as well as an artist and claimed a correlation between the appearance of Banksy works and the movements of Aintree-born artist Buchanan.

Neil Buchanan
Neil Buchanan of the series ‘Art Attack’, circa 199. (Picture: Tim Roney/Getty Images)

A statement posted on Buchanan’s official website on September 7 has now moved to quash the theory, stating: “Neil Buchanan is NOT Banksy.”

It continued: “We have been inundated with enquiries over the weekend regarding the current social media story,” the statement adds. “Unfortunately this website does not have the infrastructure to answer all these enquiries individually, however we can confirm that there is no truth in the rumour whatsoever.”

Following that, a Banksy-style portrait of Buchanan appeared on a garage belonging to Allan Levy of Northampton, England.


DJ Plugsy exploded onto the scene with 2019’s ‘Volting Ambition’ EP and the follow-up ‘Ample’ EP. His debut album – ‘Con-Fused’ – was released later in 2019.

DJ Plugsy is playing Fuser, the game that lets you live out your DJ fantasies, out now on console and PC

The documentary series, DJ Plugsy: Locked Down, Plugged In, is coming to NME in November 2020