DJ Shadow gets fans to make video

Here’s your chance to be famous

DJ Shadow has given fans the chance to make their own video for his next single ’This Time’.

Entries can be uploaded to, with a closing date of October 20.

Shadow himself will be choosing the winner, whose video will be promoted globally. The triumphant ‘director’ will also be given a cheque for £1,000.


The criteria for entry is wide-ranging, according to “Entries can take the form of animations, offcuts, brief sketches, film scenes, caught-on-camera clips, out-takes, voiceovers, random footage, whether humourous, dark, edgy, juvenile, insightful or thought-provoking.

“It is not necessarily about who can create the slickest, most professional work. It is really more about the execution of simple ideas, however bizarre, dark, funny, ingenious or off the wall. The nature and content of the submission is entirely up to the user.”

’This Time’ will be the second single from DJ Shadow‘s new album ’The Outsider’.

Moby is also running a competition for fans to create their own video for his new single ‘New York, New York’ which features Blondie‘s Debbie Harry.

Fans are asked to download the video and then using Umyx software create their own video.

They can upload their entries here.


The chosen winner will get 2 flights to New York where they will meet Moby as well as recieving a copy of the Final Cut Pro video editing software.

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