DJ live-streams his ‘Brexit DJ set’ outside the Houses of Parliament

SUAT ushered in Theresa May's huge Commons defeat with a live-streamed 30-minute set

A DJ live-streamed his ‘Brexit DJ set’ outside the Houses of Parliament last night during the historic vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s much-maligned Brexit deal.

May’s deal suffered one of the biggest defeats in Commons history yesterday (January 15), with the proposal being rejected by 230 votes. Her government now faces a vote of no confidence, the outcome of which could trigger another general election.

Protesters from both sides of the Brexit debate gathered outside Parliament all throughout yesterday, and one DJ by the name of SUAT took it upon himself to stage an impromptu DJ set on Parliament Square while MPs gathered to vote on the deal.

The 30-minute set was streamed live on Facebook (you can watch a replay of it below, and also here) at around 7pm last night, attracting over 150,000 views.

10 minutes into the set, SUAT was approached by two police offers who had clearly taken an interest in his set. After a short discussion – during which SUAT kept dancing – the police officers appeared satisfied with his explanation and left him to it.

Speaking to NME this week, IDLES frontman Joe Talbot said that the Brexit vote “will not mean what you think”.

“It’s a fucking ruse. We’re fucked either way at the moment. The deal is not a deal,” Talbot said. “The Tories are not even Tories at the moment – they’re a distracted bunch of fucking greedy pigs. And Labour are a mess.”