Listen to Django Django’s hypnotic new single ‘Free From Gravity’

Accompanied by a video which follows a young child dressed as an alien - or is it?

Django Django have shared their hypnotic new single ‘Free From Gravity’ – you can watch the song’s extraterrestrial-themed video below.

The track is the latest to be previewed from the four-piece’s forthcoming fourth album ‘Glowing In The Dark’, which is set for release on February 12.

Speaking about the song, Django Django explained that ‘Free From Gravity’ is “really about the planet being in such a mess that we eventually have to leave”.


The track’s video, which was directed by Jim Canty and shot on location in Mystic, Connecticut, ostensibly follows a small child dressed in a green alien costume wandering around town – although as the clip progresses, the true identity of the child/alien becomes more and more unclear.

Speaking about the process behind the ‘Free From Gravity’ video, Django Django’s Dave Maclean recalled how “the idea for the video came to me one evening in lockdown”.

“I’ve been heavily into sci-fi and the whole extraterrestrial thing since I was a kid reading books about the unexplained,” he continued.

“[The video] is about someone who feels alienated in life, and that idea is taken to the extreme where they’re actually feeling alienated because they don’t belong on this planet!”


Last month saw Django Django drop Hot Chip’s remix of ‘Glowing In The Dark’, the title track from their upcoming new album.