Listen to Django Django’s first track in two years, ‘Spirals’

It serves as a "glimpse at what's to come"

Django Django have returned with a new single called ‘Spirals’ – listen below.

The song marks the London outfit’s first material since their ‘Winter’s Beach’ EP, which was released back in 2018.

Details of a full album are yet to emerge, but ‘Spirals’ has been described as a “glimpse at what’s to come” from the band and was “specifically written as part of the forthcoming live set”.


In keeping with the lyrical theme, the synth-driven cut comes with a head-spinning, kaleidoscopic visual from Maxim Kelly, who set out to “translate the psychedelic trip through the Victorian technique of the phénakisticope”.

“The visual illusion generated by spinning the disks at the correct speed coupled with the shutter of a camera is both confusing and hypnotic,” Kelly explained.

“I was drawn to how the animations flow in and out, drifting and duping the mind and then back again. This felt a lot like the psychedelic experience tome. The challenge was to fuse the old with the modern. The analogue and the digital. Updating and modernising the technique.”

Django Django’s Dave Maclean announced last month that he’s launched a solo house music project under the moniker Hugo Paris. Upon sharing his first single, ‘Music Saves The World’, Maclean explained that his love of house and techno could be traced back to his early teenage years.


“The influences for the production really go back to the mid-90s, when I was playing a lot of Strictly Rhythm and MAW records,” he said. “I’ve always loved the New York house sound; from DJ Duke’s Power Music, to the deeper sounds of Junior Vasquez.”

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