DMAs on being hyped by Liam Gallagher and their “deep” second album

"If we were gonna do another record, we wanted to incorporate something a bit more deep"

DMA’s have hailed the support of Liam Gallagher, after the Oasis icon described the Australian stars as “biblical”.

The Sydney band released their acclaimed second album ‘For Now‘ last Friday, only weeks after Gallagher gave it an all-important thumbs up on Twitter.

Speaking to NME, guitarist Johnny Took explained how Liam’s recognition was an extra special recognition of their efforts.


“Oh man, when anyone from a guitar band gives you a thumbs up it’s cool. But when it’s from someone like that it’s especially nice. When you get a good reaction, it’s great “, he admitted.

While the band’s 2016 debut ‘Hills End’ saw the band facing comparisons to Oasis, Took explained how the second record had provided the group with the chance to broaden their sound.

“We tried to give it a little bit more depth, the whole sound in general”, Took explained.

“When we recorded our first record we just kinda like stabbed it out in my bedroom.  We were just like ‘oh yeah, that sounds good’ and  it was all done last thing.


|We were into the tunes but we didn’t really go much deeper than and we were a bit younger.

“The one thing we learnt in the last couple of years was that if we were gonna do another record, we wanted to incorporate something a bit more deep, using drum machines,  and hoppinh onto different stuff like that.

“I think it’s a more mature album overall for us.”

And with a huge summer ahead of the band, including dates at Reading & Leeds – Took spoke of his excitement to support Liam at his massive Finsbury Park show.

“It’s our biggest show to date ever! It’s 40,000 people,” he said. “We’ve never done anything like it you know and we’re excited. The live band that we’ve got right now, we’re playing so well . ”

“We’ve  got to the second record, so there’s so many songs to pick from, which is exciting. I can’t wait to play stuff live off this new album.”

DMAs will also be performing at Reading & Leeds festival this summer over August Bank Holiday weekend. Visit here for tickets and more information.