DMA’s tease “electric” third record: “We want to bring in a different vibe”

"We don't want to keep regurgitating the same shit."

DMA’s have teased that their upcoming third album will see the band heading in an “electric” direction.

The Aussie rockers, who released new single ‘Silver’ last month, are busy at work on the follow-up to 2018’s ‘For Now’ and recently teamed up with producer Stuart Price – who has previously worked with the likes of Madonna, The Killers and New Order.

Discussing the new record with NME, guitarist Johnny Took revealed how the sessions have seen the band fully experimenting with synthesisers and drum machines to expand the dimensions of their sound.


“We’ve developed on those electronic sounds a bit more. For me personally, I lived in Edinburgh for a year and I was working with [production software] Ableton and synthesisers and drum machines,” Took told NME.

“We definitely still have that jangly guitar thing, but there’s definitely a couple of songs where we try to push that electronic element.

“It’s also something we want to bring more of into our live show too. When we’re playing festival sets and our own gigs,  we want to bring in a different vibe with synths and drum machines so the whole set doesn’t sound the same.”

Took also stressed the need to mix up their sound on the third record, in order to avoid “regurgitating the same shit.”

“It’s the most hi-fi we’ve ever been too and that feels more organic,” he explained.


“It felt natural to step it up sonically, because you don’t want to keep regurgitating the same shit.”

Although the record isn’t expected to arrive until early 2020, the band returned to the UK last week to kick off Liam Gallagher’s arena tour – where they are acting as the main support on a select string of dates.

“We’ve hung out a couple of times before and we’ve had beers before, but he’s just a funny guy,” Took said of Gallagher.

“He’s got a great sense of humour and he loves supporting new music. We’re there to have a bit of fun and hopefully the crowd will be up for it too.”

Elsewhere, next year will also see the band return to London for their biggest UK show to date at O2 Academy Brixton –  an achievement which Took attributes to the band playing the long game.

“We’ve never been one of those bands with tremendous radio play, we’ve been coming over for years and we spent a lot of time in the early years going to places like Milton Keynes and Stockton-on-Tees and it’s nice to see that hard work paying off,” he said.

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