DMX arrested on animal cruelty and drugs charges

Second time in a week the hip hop star is scooped

Troubled rap star DMX has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and drug possession.

Five pit bull puppies, weapons and unspecified illegal drugs were also seized by police at his home in Arizona.

The arrest follows a seven-month inquiry after 12 apparently neglected dogs were found at his home. DMX – real name Earl Simmons – was taken to nearby jail in Maricopa County from where he was released on $7,500 (£3,800) bail.

Police report that DMX initially barricaded himself in his bedroom when officers arrived at his home at 0300 local time, but eventually surrendered without offering further resistance.

It is the second scrape with the law in a week for DMX. On Tuesday he was arrested for driving at up to 114mph.

When police raided the star’s home in August, following reports of dogs being abused on his property, they seized 12 pit bulls and found the remains of three others buried in the back garden.

They also found about half a pound of cannabis at the house.

At the time DMX said he hadn’t been at home for two months and blamed a caretaker who had been left in charge.

DMX‘s lawyer said he didn’t believe there was evidence to make the new charges stick and added that it was “Sheriff Joe’s moment.”