The star wants to spend more time with his Bible...

DMX will retire from hip-hop following the release of his next album – so he can spend more time with his Bible.

Speaking to MTV, the rapper said that he will continue to oversee his Bloodline Group and pursue his acting career, but religion will become a priority in his life.

“I’m going into the church,” he said, “I wanna take some time off – you know read my Bible and just get more into the word.”


The star also revealed that his fifth LP, ‘It’s Not A Game’, which is expected to be released before the summer, will be the most autobiographical record he’s made. A collaboration between DMX and 50 Cent can be expected on the record.

DMX said of the US chart-topper: “He’s an individual after my own heart… I’m glad he’s here. Once again, hip-hop was getting a little bit too slippery, a little too shiny. So it’s good, it’s refreshing, to have someone bring it right back to the streets.”

The new DMX is also hoping to spend more time with his children. He revealed: “I got kids, and one of my children is at that stage where you have to be around. He’s eight months, and I don’t wanna be a stranger to my children. That’s more important to me than all this.”

DMX is the latest in a line of rappers, including Jay-Z

andDr Dre, who have announced that they will retire after the release of their next albums.

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