The rapper claims that he was given permission to swear onstage, provided it was as part of his lyrics...

DMX has demanded that the promoters of the ST KITTS MUSIC FESTIVAL formally apologise for arresting him on obscenity charges and is also considering taking legal action.

The rapper was arrested on Saturday morning (June 28) for swearing onstage, but claims that he has a videotape proving that he had permission to curse onstage, as long as the offending words were in the context of the song.

The videotape was allegedly filmed backstage before the rapper’s performance and shows DMX and his entourage with a couple of men claiming to be in charge. He is then seen explaining to one of the men what to expect onstage, before getting what appears to be a clearance from the official.

DMX can apparently be heard saying, “I don’t curse for nothing,” referring to the stipulation about ad-libbed swear words, “but in the song, there are curses. So you’re not going to arrest me, right?”

The rapper claims that he understood that if the lyrics contained profanity it would be allowed, as long as the swear words were not used in any kind of banter with the audience.

Concert organisers at the time of the arrest claimed that DMX had signed a contract to that effect, but his manager has said that the written agreement did not go into detail about the foul language. He maintains that the stipulation was only expressed verbally.

According to MTV News, DMX‘s manager wants St Kitts Music Festival organisers to apologise to the rapper and issue a formal apology to the press. He warned that if they don’t, he will consider taking legal action.