The rapper was arrested at the weekend for swearing on stage in St Kitts And Nevis...

DMX is due in court today (June 30), following his arrest on Saturday (June 28) for swearing on stage in front of 3,000 fans on the CARIBBEAN island of ST KITTS AND NEVIS.

The rapper – real name Earl Simmons – was released on a bail of $376 and left the island on Saturday afternoon, though he promised to return for his court date at Basseterre Magistrates’ Court.

“I’ll go to court on Monday,” he said. “I just want to thank all my fans for showing the support they did show… It feels good to get out of jail, but it feels a thousand per cent better when you get out of jail to see everybody say they love you.”

Organisers allegedly warned DMX that he would not be allowed to use obscenities on stage during the St Kitts’ annual music festival on Friday night (June 27), as it is against the law in the former British colony.

Jacinth Henry Martin, Information Minister, told Associated Press: “There was a contract signed in which it was made very clear long before the arrival of the artists that there were laws in St Kitts that do not take kindly to the use of indecent language on stage.”

DMX, nominated for Best Solo Rap Performance at last year’s Grammy awards, said that he did not sign a contract and that he would not have performed if he had been forced to censor his language.