The rapper joins 'The Crow' franchise - but he wants the latest instalment to be better than the other efforts...

Music video director JOSEPH KAHN, the man behind the promo for SISQO’s ‘THONG SONG’ and WU-TANG CLAN’s ‘GRAVEL PIT’, amongst others, is set to direct DMX in ‘THE CROW: LAZARUS’, the fourth film in THE CROW series.

And according to the hip hop star, Kahn will have much to do in his full-length feature directorial debut as other films in the series were “bland”.

“It’s going to look different from the other ‘Crow’ [films],” he told MTV news. “I’ve seen the other films; I did a little research and looked at them. The sets, I really wasn’t too keen on, because they were visually dead and real bland, with a lot of dark colours. It looked like ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ in the ghetto.


“It didn’t look real. There were no extras at all. You saw no regular people, no traffic, nothing. It was like, ‘What is this?'”

The film is due to go into production in spring 2001 and looks like being more hip hop in feel as it will be co-produced by FUBU Films, an arm of the huge FUBU empire. It was revealed yesterday (December 19) that the hip hop sportswear giant was about to spring yet another arm with the establishment of FUBU Records.

As reported previously on NME.COM, DMX can next be seen in ‘Exit Wounds’ alongside Steven Seagal, due for release in the early part of 2001. He is also recording his fourth studio album, the follow-up to US chart topping ‘And Then There Was X’, slated provisionally for release through Def Jam for May.

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