The rapper has been charged with contempt of court, having turned himself in to serve his 15-day sentence for minor drugs and motoring offences more than two weeks late...

DMX could face up to a year in jail after being charged with contempt of court yesterday (February 27), just hours after finally turning himself in to the ERIE COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY in NEW YORK, more than two weeks after he was due to start a 15-day sentence, which was originally expected to be cut short to 10.

The rapper, who turned himself into the authorities on Monday (February 26), pleaded not guilty to the charge of contempt, and according to [url=], his lawyer, Mark Mahoney, has accused Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark of selective prosecution.

Although it is unusual for a contempt of court charge to be brought on a case involving a traffic violation – DMX, real name Earl Simmons, having pleaded guilty to driving without a licence after being stopped by police in New York on March 3 last year – Clark has responded that “this is an unusual case”.

He said: “In most fugitive cases, we would wait 30 days and file a bail-jumping charge, which is a felony and carries a much harsher penalty [than contempt of court, which is classed as a misdemeanour]. But we knew [he] would turn himself in before then. We had a plan from the beginning. This isn’t just an afterthought.”

The charge was filed on February 9 when he failed to run up to begin his sentence and it carries a maximum sentence of one year.

Bail was set at $250,000 and the case will return to court on March 14, though it has not been determined whether or not DMX will be required to appear. On the level of the bail, Clark said: “Given his penchant for ignoring court orders, we needed something sufficient enough to get his attention.”

DMX said he was unable to start his sentence on February 9 because he was doing promotional duty for his new film, ‘Exit Wounds’, which opens in the US on March 16 and co-stars Steven Seagal.