“Bernie Sanders did not walk out to a DMX song” says the politician’s press secretary

Confusion over Thursday's rally has been cleared up

Vermont politician Bernie Sanders did not walk out to the DMX track ‘Where the Hood At’ on Thursday (May 26).

A video was posted by Edwin Acuna via his Twitter handle @Edwinprime that showed what viewers believed to be the Deomocrat candidate walking out at his Lancaster, California rally to DMX’s 2003 song.

It has now been confirmed by Sanders’ national press secretary that the politician in fact did not walk out to DMX.

“Never thought I’d have to say this, but no @BernieSanders did not walk out to a #DMX song in Lancaster earlier this week,” tweeted the press secretary, Symone D Sanders yesterday.

She followed this with a video of how Bernie Sanders really walked out, “to epic cheers from the crowd”. Watch below:

Speaking to Billboard, Acuna – whose Twitter account had disappeared at the time of writing – said the idea for the video edit came from “daydreaming” while waiting for Sanders to arrive.

“It started with thinking how funny it would be if I edited a video to make it seem as if Bernie walked out to DMX,” said Acuna, “but after waiting a bit longer, I decided I’d turn it into a social experiment.

“Everyone seems to be very easily fooled by anything they see on the Internet. On one end we have a majority of the Twitter community going crazy and some going as far as even saying they’re ‘switching allegiances’ … At the end of it all, I wanted to show the world that politics are not something to fool around with and to prove it, I faked this video.”