‘Do I feel conned? Not necessarily…’ Threatin’s live bassist speaks out after their ‘fake’ tour

Band recently blagged their way into playing a UK tour to almost no fans

The live bassist for Threatin, the band who recently blagged their way into playing a UK tour to almost no fans, has spoken out about his experience in the group.

Gavin Carney posted a video statement in response to questions he’d been asked about the bizarre story, in which he maintains that he wouldn’t rule out working with Threatin’s central figure Jered Eames again in future.

Through a combination of 38,000 Facebook likes that were seemingly “bought”, apparently fabricated management and alleged lies about the amount of tickets they’d sold, Threatin played a number of UK dates to almost no audience.

Carney says that he, guitarist Joe Prunera and drummer Dane Davis were unaware of any attempted con when they signed up for the tour as hired musicians. Prunera and Davis pulled out of the band shortly after the story of the tour emerged, but Carney only left after his family voiced their concerns.

“Do I feel conned by Jered? Not necessarily,” he says in the clip. “I have no reason to believe he’s responsible for ticket sales or the amount of audience we get. However, I don’t have any evidence to prove he isn’t. I never physically met management, or people in charge of marketing or venues and all that.”

Carney expressed doubt over whether Eames is merely a con-artist, and said he would work with him again “no problem”.

“My impression of Jered [is that] he’s a very good musician, a very talented person, so I can’t imagine why he would need to fake his way through anything,” Carney continues. “He has the skills and talent not to have to do that, I would think.”

“He’s also recently had some physical ailments that have made it painful for him to do even basic things. So the fact that he went on tour with that doesn’t seem like something someone with a con artist mentality would do”

Eames himself has spoken out in response to the story in a characteristically bizarre tweet.