Dodgy reform with new singer and keyboards player...

Dodgy are back.

The band had looked in danger of disappearing when vocalist Nigel Clark quit last June. However, guitarist Andy Miller and drummer Mathew Priest have now reinforced their number with singer Dave Bassey, Nick Abnett on bass and, for live gigs, Chris ‘Keyboards’ on, er, keyboards.

They are set to play two low-key gigs at Liverpool Lomax and Glasgow King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut on April 22 and 23 respectively.


New singer Bassey, 26, is from south London and formerly sang with Mustard. He beat dozens in auditions towards the end of last year, as did bassist Abnett, who used to play with The Aloof.

Dodgy‘s manager Andrew Winters said Mathew and Andy had “just clicked” with their new members. “Dodgy have always been a co-operative, and it just felt right with them. They’ve been rehearsing ever since.”

Winters added that the band didn’t have a record deal yet, but were happy to release records independently and that new material would be in the shops before the end of the year.

He continued: “They’ve got a whole batch of new songs, but they will be playing a couple of their old set, like ‘Staying Out For The Summer’. They want to try it all out and see what happens.”

The new Dodgy will then fully launch themselves in the public eye at Glastonbury in June.