The group headline a free festival just outside London on the same day as the Gallagher brothers play Wembley Stadium...

Dodgy are to go head-to-head with Oasis on July 22 when they headline a free festival near LONDON on the same day as the GALLAGHER brothers’ WEMBLEY STADIUM show.

Dodgy will appear during the first of two days at the free Dartford Festival, held at Central Park in the town.

The group, who are not due to appear at any other UK festival, explained the choice saying: “Festivals have always been part of the Dodgy vibe and choosing to do events like these gives people an alternative to the the expensive out-of-town bashes where you usually have to camp. And on the 22nd perhaps people would prefer to go to our mini-Glastonbury rather than Oasis at Wembley the same night.”


Over the two days a number of local acts will play alongside folk and world music attractions.

Dodgy return to the studio in August to begin work on their fourth album. A limited edition Digi-Disc featuring new tracks, video and CD Rom material was recently released.