Dodgy minus singer Nigel Clark ready to start work on new album...

Dodgy will return with a new album – but without singer Nigel Clark.

The band split last June after Clark announced he wanted to go solo. Drummer Mathew Priest, guitarist Andy Miller and keyboard player Richard Payne are currently looking for a singer and bassist to record a new album, as well as a label to release it on. They plan to go into the studio this month with a view to releasing the album early next year.

Priest told NME: “I’m keeping myself busy – you’ve got to really or you’d go mad. We’ll be making another album, moving a bit further away from the old idea of Dodgy.”

Mathew also appeared onstage last Tuesday (October 27), playing with new London act JD & Bob at London Highbury Garage, but he insists he’s only helping out the band until he starts the new Dodgy album.