The new-look band's show at Dingwalls will not take place as singer Dave Bassett has a throat infection...

Dodgy have been forced to cancel tonight’s show at LONDON DINGWALLS as singer DAVE BASSETT has laryngitis.

The show would have marked the end of a country-wide 25-date tour for the new-look band.

A spokesperson for Dodgy explained that a recent visit to the BBC ‘Castaway’ island of Taransay in the Outer Hebrides was the cause of Bassett‘s illness.

The band had travelled to Taransay last Thursday (June 1), following a show in Inverness the day before. They had offered to play an impromptu gig for the island’s 35 inhabitants. The islanders, who have placed themselves in voluntary isolation as part of a year-long social experiment to be filmed and televised at different points through the year, declined. Bassett returned home with a throat infection.

The spokesperson confirmed the Dingwalls show would be rescheduled but no date has yet been set.