Dogstar will release the LP in the USA and Japan first...

Dogstar, KEANU REEVES‘ rock trio, have confirmed the US and JAPANESE release dates for their new album and announced live appearances in both countries, plus a webchat and TV appearance.

Their new album, ‘Happy Ending’, will be released in America on July 11 and Japan on June 24. The first single from the album, ‘Cornerstone’, will be debuted on US radio on June 12.

This is Dogstar‘s first album to be released in their home country. Their previous album, ‘Our Little Visionary’, was only released in Japan, where they played a sell-out tour last year.


They will be returning to Japan on June 22 for 11 days, and will then return to America to perform a series of in-store gigs culminating in a headline date at Hollywood‘s Key Club. The dates are: Coconut Records, Irving Plaza, New York (July 7) Rockerfeller Plaza (11) Wherehouse Records, Beverley Centre, Los Angeles (12) Key Club, Hollywood, Los Angeles (13).

They will be featured on American national morning TV show ‘Live With Regis and Kathy Lee’ on July 7 and will be taking part in an online chat at [url=] on July 13.

Reeves revealed that the band crammed in gigs on last year’s US tour in while he was filming ‘The Matrix’, which earlier this week scooped MTV Awards for Best Movie and Best Fight.

In an interview with People magazine, Reeves said: “Whenever we can play, we play. When I was doing ‘The Matrix’ last year, the guys came out. We did weekend tours for three weeks. We want to play.” Singer Bret Domrose added: “Recording, rehearsing and writing is all fun, but touring is what we love more than anything. After being in the studio and all the rehearsals, we’re more than that.”

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