Owners of Dolly Parton Glastonbury dog come forward

Country singer had vowed to adopt white dog seemingly abandoned at Somerset festival

The owners of a dog thought to have been abandoned at Glastonbury last month have come forward to collect their pet, meaning Dolly Parton won’t have to adopt it.

When the country singer, who played to one of Worthy Farm’s biggest-ever crowds on Sunday, June 29, heard about the animal, she said she would adopt it if no one claimed ownership. However, during an interview in Stockholm this week, Parton revealed she’d had word that owners of the 15-year-old dog had been located and were on their way to collect it.

She said: “We got a call that the true owners did come forward. They had reported the dog missing but there was a language barrier. I think they were from another country. They got the dog back, everybody feels good about it. The Happy Landings shelter has a happy ending now.”

The fluffy white dog was nicknamed Dolly or Doggie Parton by staff on-site, and was later taken to nearby Happy Landings animal shelter in Somerset when no owners could be found. Although Parton was looking forward to taking the pooch home with her, the dog’s health and advanced age would have prevented it traveling overseas. Had she been able to adopt her, Parton said she’d already chosen a name.

“I was gonna rename her ‘Glassie’ because of Glastonbury,” she said. “I was gonna say, ‘Glassie come home. I would’ve called her Glassie Doggie Parton.”

Parton is currently touring her new album ‘Blue Smoke’, and will play the final show on July 14 in Locarno, Switzerland. She has promised to continue work on the musical and accompanying film of her life story.