Dolly Parton vows not to play too many slow songs at Glastonbury because ‘everyone’s drunk and high’

Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora will join the country star for her afternoon slot

Dolly Parton says she won’t play too many slow songs at Glastonbury because “everyone’s drunk and high”.

Parton appears at 4.20pm on the Pyramid Stage, and her set will see a guest appearance from Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. She appears in a Sunday afternoon a slot that was last year occupied by her frequent collaborator Kenny Rogers, who told her she would “have a ball”.

Parton told NME she arrived on site at 5am and encountered people still out and about. “I got up early this morning when the bus was driving in at about 5am and I could see all the people around – everybody already starting! I saw all that mud that they were talking about. They had it on their boots and all up to their knees, and it wasn’t even raining at the time. And then it just looked like a big circus, everywhere you looked there were people and tents and I just thought, ‘Wow this must be amazing’, so it’s a big deal.”

Asked what she’d heard about Glastonbury before arriving, Parton told NME: “I’d heard everything. That it’s the biggest festival and that there’s more mud than you can possibly believe. And that the people love the mud, embrace the mud and they love the music so we’re just excited about getting out there with all these people who are obviously here to have a big time.”

The veteran singer said it “makes [her] laugh” that she’s playing at a festival alongside acts such as Metallica, Arcade Fire and Kasabian. “I just think of myself as like a country star and here I am up here with all these big rock stars so I’m excited about it,” she said. Asked if she’d listened to much music by Kasabian, who play tonight, she said: “Not as much as I probably should have, being from another world, but I know their names and I know they do great stuff so I’m always for everybody, whatever their music is.”