Todd Terje remixes Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’

Track included in a special Parton tribute night

Todd Terje has remixed Dolly Parton‘s famed 1973 single ‘Jolene’.

The DJ and songwriter was recruited by brand agency Chandelier Creative to produce the track as part of a special tribute night dedicated to Parton. A snippet of the new version’s video, directed by Nathaniel Brown, is available to watch via T Magazine.

Parton performed the original song to well over 100,000 people at Glastonbury this year. As well as singing other hits like ‘9 To 5’ and ‘I Will Always Love You’, the 68-year-old Tennessee star also wrote and performed an untitled track that subsequently became known as “the mud song” as it featured the crowd chanting its “mud mud mud” chorus. Parton has since suggested that she could record a studio version of the song.

”I’m getting such demand for the mud song that we’re talking about recording it. There have been so many requests,” she told The Sun. ”There is talk about getting a different artist to perform it every year.”