Dolly Parton praises Taylor Swift and Britney Spears in new interview: “You have to stand up for yourself”

“I’m going to fight if it goes against what I feel is not right for me”

Dolly Parton has praised Taylor Swift and Britney Spears in a new interview for “stand[ing] up for [themselves]” in the face of criticism and controversy.

In an exclusive interview by Hollywood Life on Wednesday (January 26), Parton talked about the two pop stars while discussing her new line of baking products, the Dolly Parton Baking Collection with Duncan Hines.

When addressing recent comments by Damon Albarn about Swift’s songwriting abilities, Parton said she doesn’t “care what other people say” about her songs, but called Swift “a great writer – with or without anybody.”


Parton added that she gets “rubbed wrong sometimes when people mistreat the artist,” and said that it is “magnificent” that Swift isn’t afraid to call out detractors publicly.

She also praised Britney Spears, apparently for Spears’ lengthy and ultimately successful legal battle against her father and to free herself from her conservatorship. “I don’t like to judge other people and their problems,” she said, “but when all that stuff that happens, like with Britney Spears – when they get [wrapped up in] controversy like that, you have to kind of stand up for yourself.”

Earlier this week, Albarn said in a Los Angeles Times interview that Swift “doesn’t write her own songs”. Swift then responded to Albarn in a tweet, saying it was “really fucked up to try and discredit my writing”.

Other musicians also weighed on the issue in defence of Swift, with collaborator and The National member Aaron Dessner stating that Albarn is “obviously completely clueless”.

In the interview, Parton also said that Swift is “very creative” and “very, very, very smart in the marketing of her life.”

“She knows who she is and what she wants,” she added. “And I’m the same way. I’m going to fight if it goes against what I feel is not right for me.”


Parton is currently preparing her 48th studio album ‘Run, Rose, Run’, due March 4. It serves as a companion piece to the novel of the same name, co-written by Dolly Parton and James Patterson, which drops on March 7.

Last week (January 20), Spears issued a cease and desist letter to her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, in response to public comments made by the latter while promoting her new memoir, Things I Should Have Said.