Dolly Parton responds to Lil Nas X’s request for ‘Old Town Road’ remix

Could they just keep on coming?

Dolly Parton has responded to Lil Nas X‘s request for an ‘Old Town Road’ remix featuring the country legend.

“y’all think i can get dolly parton and megan thee stallion on a old town road remix?” he tweeted, to which Dolly replied with horse and unicorn emojis, and the single’s iconic cover changed to feature a bright pink horse.


It would be the latest in a long, long line of versions of the country rap smash. Only a week ago, however, he said there would be “no more Old Town Roads”, writing “the prophecy is fulfilled” on Instagram.

This came after he tweeted “I act like im ok but deep down inside i wanna release another old town road remix”.

So far, we’ve had the original song, a Billy Ray Cyrus-featuring version, the Diplo remix of said version, and most recently another remix featuring Young Thug and Mason Ramsey.

Yesterday, the latest ‘Old Town Road’ remix got its own video, which saw Nas and his friends storming Area 51 in the animated clip featuring Thug, Ramsey and Billy Ray.

Lil Nas X followed the release of ‘Old Town Road’ with his ‘7’ EP and the single ‘Panini’, which interpolates Nirvana‘s ‘In Bloom’. He also recently came out as gay, saying he hopes he is “opening doors” for others by making his sexuality public. 


Dolly Parton was recently NME‘s Big Read, and in the interview she talked about the #MeToo movement among other things.

“I can’t answer for other people. But it is my belief that we have to respect ourselves as much as we expect to be respected and we have to conduct ourselves accordingly,” she said.

“We need to be mindful of how we present ourselves, we need to mindful of the positions we place ourselves in. I’m all for us gals doing everything we can, I want us to do everything and be paid for it and recognised for it but also don’t want us playing games either. I want us to respect ourselves.”