Don Broco claim sexual misconduct accusations have been ‘publicly retracted’

Don Broco have spoken out to claim that they have received a full apology and retraction of the recent claims of sexual misconduct levelled against frontman Rob Damiani.

Earlier this month, allegations were made and spread via Twitter accusing the singer of inappropriate sexual behaviour with a female after a show. Damiani spoke out to strongly deny the allegations and says he will be taking legal action. Now, they’ve said that the alleged victim has fully retracted her claims, and the band are now looking to ‘draw a line under this whole matter’.

“We are pleased to report that recent accusations made against Rob have now been publicly retracted and an unreserved apology issued,” said the band on Twitter. “We accept this apology in the spirit it was made and would like to draw a line under this whole matter so we can all move on.”

In his initial statement and response to the claims, Damiani said: “I totally refute the allegations made against me. They are untrue and defamatory. The matter is now in the hands of my legal representatives who will be instructed to take the appropriate action.”

The band are due to release their upcoming third studio album ‘Technology’ in February 2018.