‘American Pie’ singer Don McLean arrested for domestic violence

70 year-old singer released on bail after posting £7,000

Don McLean, best known for his hit ‘American Pie’, has been arrested in the US on domestic violence charges.

The singer-songwriter, 70, was arrested at 2am on Monday (January 18) after police were called to his residence in Camden, Maine. He was arrested and charged with a domestic violence assault misdemeanor.

TMZ reports that McLean has been released on bail from Knox County jail after posting a $10,000 (£7,000) bond.


Don McLean’s transcript for ‘American Pie’ was sold for over one million dollars at auction last year.

The transcript sold for $1.2m (£806,000) with the new owner now having access to the meaning behind McLean’s 1971 hit. A 16-page transcript featuring the song’s lyrics, plus notes from the writer and an extra verse which was never recorded, was auctioned by Christie’s in New York.