Don McLean criticises #MeToo movement and “disingenuousness” in Hollywood

Singer-songwriter says he is more likely to write a song about police brutality

‘American Pie’ hitmaker Don McLean has criticised the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements in a new interview, saying that there is “a lot of disingenuousness” in Hollywood.

Speaking to Kentucky radio station 91.9 WFPK, McLean said: “There’s a lot of disingenuousness around now. I think it was more sincere when we were dealing with our friends and buddies being killed in Vietnam.”

“To have people in Hollywood all dressing in black as if they’ve suddenly discovered the casting couch after 60 years is a laugh,” he added.


Asked whether he would write a song about the topic, McLean replied: “If I wanted to. I can’t really figure out what to say. I want to make sure that you write about things that are really gonna last.”

“If you were going to write a political song, a topical song, I think a more important one would be about police brutality… That would be a more interesting topic than some of this other stuff.”

Listen to McLean’s comments from the 4.10 mark below:

McLean was arrested on domestic violence charges in January 2016, later saying that he was “not a villain”.

The singer pleaded guilty to the misdemeanour and the domestic assault and terrorising charges were later dismissed after McLean met terms of his plea agreement.


Last December, James Blake covered McLean’s ‘Vincent’, with McLean himself responding by saying what “an extraordinarily good musician” Blake is.